Family/Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

COVID-19 Notice to Our Patients

At Water Garden Dental, our main goal has always been to protect the health of our patients, our team, and our community. 


Our staff attend periodic courses on “Sterilization & Infection Control” to maintain their certifications or licenses.  And we have always followed these strict OSHA guidelines that include but are not limited to the following:

  • All clinical staff thoroughly washes their hands, must always wear gloves, an N95 or surgical mask, and may wear goggles or a face shield with a lab coat or surgical paper gown when treating patients. 
  • All dental instruments are sterilized for each patient.
  • All surfaces touched by patients are wiped with disinfectant, and protective barriers are placed that are disposed of between patients. 
  • Clinical staff may use the Isolite Suction HVE System to minimize aerosols during some restorative treatment.
Here’s what we’ve added:
  • All staff & patients must wear a face mask on premises at all times (except patients during treatment of course).
  • Hygienists can now use the ReLeaf HVE Suction System to nearly eliminate aerosols during cleanings.
  • All clinical staff must wear a lab coat/gown and goggles or face shield during treatment.
  • All treatments rooms are kept well ventilated.
  • Plexi-glass sneeze guards were added at the front desk.
  • More hand sanitizer stations were added.
  • Visitors are asked to stay outside and all brochures/magazines have been removed.
  • All staff & patient temperatures are checked before entry.
  • All staff & patients are health screened prior to entry.
  • Anyone (including staff) who have symptoms or have been diagnosed with the virus within the last 14 days is asked to stay home.
Check out more about what we do here:  HIGH TECH STERLIZATION